Theme and Mood


In addition to the typical theme of “dark mystery” and “light in shadows” of Hunter games, this one will also focus on “the cost of victory”. Most cops figure out very early in their careers that its nearly impossible to get the job done without frequently running afoul of the rules, but each has to figure out how far the dirty means justifies good ends. Is it okay to plant those drugs on a suspect you’re sure is a dealer, but who just happened not to have any on his person when you stopped him? Can you slap around that wife-beating drunk until he gives you that information you’re sure he knows? Can you accept that envelope full of cash from the deli owner for what he says is a “job well done”? Police work is a morally hazardous occupation even for people of principle, since citizens generally give the police a good deal of leeway for shoveling society’s shit. Sure scandal breaks now and then when some officer gets caught on tape doing something he shouldn’t, or some would-be saint blows the whistle on a group of officers taking payoffs, etc. But after the appointed blue-ribbon commission gets done investigating the department and the command staff gets canned and replaced, it’s back to business as usual.


The prevailing mood here will be one of mystery with inklings of horror. This horror will of course increase as the PCs solve mysteries and slip further and further into the prevailing darkness, driven to know more about what lurks in the city’s shadows.

Theme and Mood

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