Important NPCs

Department Personnel *

Commissioner: Ervin Burrell
Burrell has been Commissioner for the past 4 years. To most in the PD, he’s a distant figure who is rarely seen except at high profile events. He’s generally regarded with ambivalence by most officers who see him more as a politician than a cop.

Deputy of Operations: William (Bill) Rawls
Rawls oversees the day-to-day operations of the department. He relishes his reputation as a ball-buster and hard ass, and has no qualms with calling officers out on their mistakes. Usually if officers to meet with Rawls, it’s because they fucked up big time and need their ass chewed out.

Detective Lt for Homicide: Jay Landsman
Landsman is a mainstay in the homicide unit. An overweight forty-something, Landsman spends most of his time harassing his detectives to keep their clearance rate up. While most in the unit regarding him as a pest, the Lieutenant has been known to go to bat for his men when push comes to shove.

Other homicide detectives of note:

Lester Freeman
Freeman come over from Major Crimes less than 2 years ago but is widely regarded as the best detective in the unit, if not the entire PD. He has brought in several high profile cases in his career, and lives for the job.

William “Bunk” Moreland
Bunk is a veteran detective known for his sharp suits and way with women. He can drink nearly anyone under the table (except maybe McNulty), and can be usually found at a desk the next day working his caseload with an awful hangover. He has the longest tenure in the unit and as such is given a lot of respect. He knows his stuff.

Jimmy McNulty
McNulty would probably rival Freeman as best detective in the unit if it wasn’t for his long list of character flaws. A working alcoholic with an ego and ready ability to make enemies in the department, McNulty still manages to clear most of his cases that come his way.

Roland Prezblyewski
Or “Prez” as he’s commonly known, is generally regarded as a fuck up who doesn’t deserve to be a detective, much less murder police. But his uncle is a Major with a great deal of leverage both in and outside the department, so Prez is on a fast track to work his way up the ladder. Most hope he’s promoted sooner rather than later, so he can get out of the unit before he does more harm than good.

Leander Sydnor
The youngest (and most would say best looking) officer in the department, Sydnor ran undercover operations for Major Crimes before coming over the homicide last year. He’s still considered a rookie detective by most in the unit, but he’s also proven himself eager to learn and willing to listen to the veterans, ingratiating himself with Freeman and others.

Other important persons

Mayor: Michael Cutter
Cutter is a second-term mayor whose popularity has plummeted in recent months due to a fairly large increase in crime city-wide, as well as a budget crisis in the school system, which was recently discovered to be $54 million over budget by an intrepid reported of The Inquirer.

Assistant District Attorney: Rhonda Pearlman
Pearlman has worked closely with the homicide unit for several years now and is respected for having a level head and being a team player. She’s ambitious, smart, and not too bad on the eyes for a woman of her age. Rumor has it that she’s secretly dating Lt Daniels of the Major Crimes unit now that her and McNulty have parted ways.

Chief Medical Examiner: Alice Waddington
Waddington is young, tall, blonde, and very attractive. Rumor is that she’s gay, but that’s mostly based on the fact that she has turned down every police that has tried to ask her out. She’s only been Chief ME about a year, coming to the job from Baltimore, but her no-nonsense approach to the job and ability to get autopsy reports to the unit in a much shorter time than her predecessor has earned her no small degree of respect from the department.

*yes, I ripped off many of these from The Wire. But hey, my players haven’t seen the show, so it saves me time and provides me with great characters!

Important NPCs

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