Session 2

The game picks up starting on the next day. Barry heads back to the crime scene, trying to figure out if there’s any significance to the location where Samantha’s body was discarded or the way the body was placed. While he’s there, he runs into the two detectives who have arrived to check the adjacent apartment building to see if they can track down who took the pictures of the crime scene and sold them to the local news. Joey and Dan decide to let Barry come along to help, and begin canvassing the apartment. Based on Barry’s preliminary analysis of the photos, he guesses the photo was taken from one of the top 5 floors. So the group finds the apartment superintendent, who let’s the up into a vacant apartment on the 15th floor. While there, Joey decides to call the local TV station who bought the photos to see if they’ll give him the info of the person who sold the photos as Dan and Barry knock on doors and question the tenants. The TV news station isn’t willing to give Joey the info he seeks, but the editor of the news desk says he will pass on Joey’s contact info to the individual who took the photos. Joey agrees, and in short order receives a text from that individual. Their conversation is cryptic and short, with Joey not gaining any additional information. Barry and Dan also don’t get much from the tenants.

With their canvassing of the apartment a bust, Joey and Dan decide to go interview the cousin of the scrap yard owner, Remmy, to see what he knows. Remmy lives in a run-down apartment complex a few blocks from the crime scene. His place is a typical bachelor pad: messy with empty pizza boxes and beer bottles strewn throughout the living room. He tells the detectives that the day went normally, and nothing strange of late had been happening at the scrap yard. When asked about his whereabouts the night of the murder, Remmy says he was playing cards with some friends. But when asked about providing the contact info for his alibis, Remmy gets cagey. He says he was playing cards in Chinatown, suggesting he was at an illegal gambling establishment, and says he doesn’t want to give out that info, since he owes some folks there money, and they wouldn’t like him sharing their info with the cops. The detectives are sympathetic, but explain that they only care about the murder, and aren’t interested in other crime. They only want to talk to someone who can vouch for Remmy’s whereabouts. Remmy reluctantly agrees.

Not getting much traction today, the detectives return to their office. Barry does the same, working on trying to determine the exact murder weapon. After much trial and error, and when just about to give up, Barry stops by a pharmacy to pick up some medicine during his lunch break. There he sees a men’s straight razor for shaving, which looks about the right size for the murder weapon. Sure enough, it proves positive during his testing, so Barry calls the detectives to tell them the murder weapon is a men’s straight razor used for shaving. He even determines the make and model, as it’s an old-time razor and not one of the more common safety razors used by most folks.

The detectives also get a call from CSI, who say their tire track analysis confirms that the tire is a make that is common to many Japanese 4-door sedans, helping to add weight to the eye witness testimony given to the uniforms who did the canvass. Joey spends the rest of his afternoon going over the files sent from Major Crimes about Samantha’s disappearance, while Dan also looks through the files and does a news search on Samantha’s uncle, Jim Rayne.

Just before the detectives are about to call it a day, they receive a call from the Deputy Ops. Apparently Jim Rayne’s youngest son Simon didn’t come home from school today. He was to be picked up from soccer practice, but wasn’t there. No one has seen him and he’s not answering his cell phone.

Session 2

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